AI Risk & Compliance is a series of three events where experts in AI, risk, compliance, and cybersecurity will share the experience they have built over the years working with Artificial Intelligence.

Three days of immersive content for professionals seeking to understand more about Artificial Intelligence & obtain practical knowledge on risk management techniques based on real scenarios.

The Agenda

Day 1 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Understanding Key Words

Explore the uses of AI technology.

Speaker: Andrés Sarcuno, Luiz Edgar Baims, Jorge Lukowski, & Carlos Hernán Hoyos Gómez
Moderator: Carolina Chain

Day 2 Introduction to AI Risks

Understand the risks associated with AI technologies. Discuss the potential ethical, legal, and social implications of AI. Explore the AI regulatory landscape, including existing regulations and compliance requirements for AI systems. Examine AI bias and fairness, and the importance of transparency and explainability in AI decision-making. Gain insights into interpreting and explaining AI models while considering the challenges and limitations of explainable AI.

Speaker: Delfina Chain & Marco Souza
Moderator: Florencia Rosati

Day 3 AI Case Studies and Risk Management

Explore real-world examples of AI risks and compliance challenges through case studies. Learn from lessons learned and best practices. Introduction to AI governance frameworks and standards, discussing the components of effective AI governance. Discover methods for identifying and assessing risks in AI projects, along with risk prioritization and mitigation strategies. Understand the unique risks associated with AI data, models, and decision-making. Address data privacy and security challenges in AI applications, and learn best practices for ensuring privacy and security in AI system development and deployment.

Speaker: Ricardo López, Marcela González & Agustin Huerta
Moderator: Raul Saccani

Event Details


Nov 2nd
Nov 9th
Nov 16th

10am to 12pm (GMT-3)




100% Online
Worldwide Audience
Spanish & English
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Ricardo LópezRegulatory & Compliance Chief Information Officer at Santander Corporate & Investment Banking

Linkedin: Ricardo López

Delfina Chain Co-Founder Chaindots

Linkedin: Delfina Chain

Jorge Lukowski Líder innovador I Desarrollo de Negocios y Planificación Estratégica I Marketing I Transformación Digital I Comunicaciones y RR.PP. I Branding I Transformación Digital I Sostenibilidad y ESG I Gobernanza) I Conferencista

Linkedin: Jorge Lukowski

Marco Souza Head of LATAM Security & Compliance - Financial Services at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Linkedin: Marco Souza

Carlos Hernán Hoyos GómezFSI Specialist - Colombia, AWS WWCS FSI Business

Linkedin: Carlos Hernán Hoyos Gómez

Andrés SarcunoPartner Forensic Analytics Deloitte S-Latam, Focused on AI applied to detect white collar crimes and corruption

Linkedin: Andrés Sarcuno

Luiz Edgar BaimsDirector of Brazilian Operations

Linkedin: Luiz Edgar Baims

Agustin HuertaSVP of Digital Innovation & VP of Technology IoT @Globant

Linkedin: Agustin Huerta

Marcela González Manager ML en Mercado Libre

Linkedin: Marcela González


Carolina Chain Driving Growth and Innovation in the Crypto & Fintech Ecosystem |

Linkedin: Carolina Chain

Florencia Rosati TMT, IP & Privacy Partner at Beccar Varela

Linkedin: Florencia Rosati

Raul Saccani Professor and director of the Centre for Governance and Transparency, IAE Business School, Argentina. Raul Saccani is the Financial Crime Leader across Spanish Latin America Region (S-LATAM) at Deloitte, which includes Anticorruption, Antimoney Laundering and Trade Controls/Sanctions functions. President of the Integrity and Compliance Commission; Institute of Chartered Accountants in Buenos Aires.

Linkedin: Raul Saccani

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